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UNIKATUM Kindermuseum gGmbH

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‘Lots of Love’ – the project

What’s it all about?

Love accompanies us throughout our lives in many different forms. It can front ecstasy, hope, the desire for a fulfilling life, or even loss and deep pain. To explore love, we are gathering stories about love at all ages: between children and their parents or grandparents, love of friends, and of course romantic love with or without physical affection. We hope to collect very different descriptions and depictions of this remarkable feeling, which is a source of closeness, confidence and trust and helps people surpass themselves – with all the associated misgivings, mysteries and madness, expectations and values. Public contributions were collected in our project lab known as the “Chamber of Hearts“ (a walk-in forum with a giant painting wall) and in our story competition. Media workshops for groups entitled ‘That’s family!’ were held in the “Chamber of Hearts“, too, and the resulting works produced by schoolchildren also feature in the exhibition.

So what’s love all about?!

What does love do to our thoughts and feelings? What role does it play in our lives? Is it possible to be in love with just one person, or is love a broader phenomenon? How is love stimulated or hampered by cultural ideas, values and expectations? How do we try to live out our ideas of love in everyday life, in social interaction, in the mix of everyday obligations, various incentives, fears and doubts?

An exhibition

The entries received in our story contest and the works created in the accompanying projects are compiled into a travelling exhibition, which opened in Leipzig in May 2018 and soon will visit other locations in Germany.